• European Citizenship is the bridge between individual and communities, local and European, us and them.

  • Human Rights are the basis of European Citizenship. Everybody needs to understand what Human Rights do for them and what they can do for Human Rights.

  • Active Citizenship needs people realizing the link between ones life and ones every day actions and the global community; and then recognizing how this link increases their options to act and to make a difference.

  • Everybody can make a difference – people need to be empowered to use their creativity and potential to contribute to the well-being of their communities.

based on these beliefs Pame Ambro aims:


  • To focus on active and participative citizenship starting from the local context with an European dimension;

  • To promote a culture of human rights as fundamental basis for active citizenship and a peace based world;

  • To raise awareness on the interconnection between each individual daily actions and the global community by proposing sustainable life styles based on solidarity;

  • To support the local social development through the quality improvement of professional and social knowledge and competencies;

  • To promote and contribute to the development and application of active policies in non formal education and learning with and for young people, with particular attention to the intercultural dimension at all levels;

  • To contribute to the development of the full potential of young people and European citizens for the well being of the entire community.

Our beliefs and aims