Paola Bortini

  • Experienced in Social Research and Local Development

  • Passionate about the ‘Souths’

  • Youthworker background within International Guiding and Scouting

  • One of the founders of the Associazione Pro-Pentedattilo

  • Believes in the powers of rights

Peter Hofmann

  • Loves to talk about systems

  • Once served the YOUTH National Agency

  • Believes in the creating potential of everyone

  • Trains Trainers with enthusiasm

  • Connects for sustainable lifestyles

  • Facilitator of Learning

Paul Kloosterman

  • Used to be a youth worker

  • Believes in the importance of creativity, humor and atmosphere

  • Makes music for already 30 years

  • Is not a follower of one theory

  • But likes to steal from different ones

  • Sees differences as a solution